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The penalties for drunk driving are severe, including jail time, fines, court costs and driver’s license suspension. If you have been charged with an OVI/DUI, you need the advice of an experienced lawyer. Under Ohio law, no one is permitted to operate a vehicle if their ability to drive has been negatively affected by the consumption of alcohol or drugs. You don’t have to be falling-down drunk or high to be convicted of OVI.

About DUI/OVI Charges

If you have been charged with OVI, the first step in the process is an arraignment.  If you are represented by counsel, in most cases, your attorney can file a written plea of not guilty which constitutes an appearance and relieves you of the obligation to appear at arraignment.  Generally, your case is then set for a Pretrial Conference, at which time your attorney can discuss the case with the prosecuting attorney and see if a resolution to the case can be reached.  If not, you may go forward with motion hearings and/or a trial.

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Given the severe consequences of an OVI conviction, we strongly urge that you hire counsel of your own choosing to protect your rights and help guide you through the complex legal system. If you have been charged with an OVI or DUI, contact Jeffrey A. Burkam, for a legal consultation today.


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